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This is the official website of Anglo Paraguayan Society in

Este es el órgano Oficial de la Sociedad Anglo Paraguaya en UK

     On the 14th of May all Paraguayans around the world celebrated 211 years of Independence from Spain and Portugal. Thanks to a group of officers and politicians which included Captain Pedro Juan Caballero, Fulgencio Yegros, Vicente Ignacio Iturbe, Mauricio Jose Troche, Fernando de la Mora, Juan Valeriano de Zeballos and José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia forced Governor Velasco to agree to a creation of a three-man executive junta.

    Two hundred and eleven years have elapsed since the Independence took place and without any major incidents. That is quite a valid excuse for celebrating such moment of historical fact. 

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                             ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Objetivo: El objetivo de esta reunión es el fortalecimiento y continuidad de la Sociedad mediante la realización de “Actividades" que permitan acceder a conocimientos culturales del Paraguay. Conocer la Sociedad Anglo Paraguaya y animar a más personas a unirse a nuestra organización.

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I'm sure the purpose will prove valuable and become a much-used asset for all those with cultural interest in Paraguay as well as an upcoming of the society. The Anglo Paraguayan Society is committed to ensuring our/children are given the best resources for their journey through our philanthropic approach and providing facilities that will help arm the facilities they need to become our future workers.


The giving to those is to preserve, protect and enhance/cultivate a friendly approach to Paraguayan culture and tradition. The giving to those is to preserve, protect and enhance/cultivate a friendly approach to Paraguayan culture and tradition.


Dear Friends, The Anglo Paraguayan Society helps those who need us most, no matter who, or what they are. We know that in challenging times, it is often the poorest and most vulnerable that suffer the most. We rely on to fund the projects in hand, and that is why I'm asking you to donate to the Anglo Paraguayan Society. We have helped many in the past. At present we have two projects: "Comedor Lambaré and Alegria en Hogares".

Nuno A.R. Vinhas.    


Para mas información: 020 87439608 request more information

Note: If you have attended the event please let us know your impression.

1 - Was the venue easy to get to?

2 - Did you feel welcomed?

3 - Overall opinion.

Estimados Miembros. Dear Members

Our AGM has been on hold due to unforeseen circumstance due to Covid-19. 

We are now in the process to arrange a meeting soon.

                    Watch this space 

The AGM is your opportunity to meet and speak to our committee and ask questions. We need your support. 


    De nuestra consideración.

    Por la presente se comunica que, para votar en la Reunion General Anual las cuotas

    deben de estar actualizadas y en acuerdo con las reglas de la Sociedad


Thank you for visiting! Muchas gracias

Kind donations Julia Vinhas, Mary Meza, Robert Munro.

On behalf of the Williams family:

The Anglo Paraguayan Society would like to inform our members that the donations In Memory of Anne Williams are now closed however if they want to donate we would welcome your goodness. All the proceeds went to "Comedor Lambare".

"Kindness which is bestowed on the good is never lost."

Plato, 426BC