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Our Heartfelt Thanks to all who have purchased tickets for the Cultural-Dinner-Show to Commemorate Paraguay Independence Day.
Nuno Vinhas 

 interpreted by - Jorge Ramos
 * Also * 
Romy Martinez - International artist, will delight the evening with her melodic voice

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Dia de la Amistad Internacional Bath Road, London W4 1TTThe closest underground station Turnham Green-District LineCome and celebrate with us: Dia de la Amistad Internacional



"CharlaPrestige Talk, 
el dia: 24 de Noviembre de 2016 
London, WC2R 3JJ
We would like to express our gratitude to our "Prestige Talk" Sponsors:
 Instituto Cervantes (Sr. Julio Crespo -Director y Sr. Francesc Puertolas) Embajada del Paraguay (S.Ex. Miguel Solano Lopez), 
 Panama Hat Co.- Soliman Travel and
Further Thanks to our committee Members and Julia Vinhas for donating part of the savories. 

Independence Day 2016 Poster
                The party was well frequented to a special number of 130
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 John Bowlby, el ‘padre’ de Attachment Theory.
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Paraguay's independence day Fiesta 2013 -which we celebrated on the 18th of May.  The of the event this year was on the special courtesy appearance of: " Talentos Group London"   and "Grupo Eirete"   with Typical Paraguayan dances.
First,  I would like to thank you all who have tickets/donated and attended this event, etc. Secondly to congratulate all the committee members in everything you to make the event pleasant, enjoyable and in raising to help our projects. Last but least sincere gratitude to Grupo "Eirete" and "Talentos Grupo"
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showpres3Picture of the Committee at work

Talentos grupo London